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Street-based youth work was discussed during the internarional seminar

On December 02-04, 2014, the first in the series of seminars on “Street-Based Youth Work: Clarification of Terms, Introduction to the Concept, and Assessment System” took place under the mobile youth work project implemented in the Dnipro District of Kyiv by the Structural Subdivision of the German-Polish-Ukrainian Society in Ukraine in partnership with the German organisation Aktion Mensch.

The seminar participants included social workers, psychologists, lawyers, and civil servants from the Dnipro District of Kyiv. Professors Walther Specht and Werner Kübler, German experts from the International Society for Mobile Youth Work in Stuttgart, delivered highly interesting lectures that gave the children’s rights experts a new insight into street-based work with persons facing vulnerabilities and Germany’s proprietary mobile work model.

The participants also developed the toolkit for social area analysis in the Dnipro District of Kyiv.

The three day of the seminar had been very busy. We would like to thank all the participants and hope for further fruitful co-operation under our 18-month pilot project aimed at the development of Ukraine’s proprietary social environment analysis model and mobile youth work methods.