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The way to the sun

The project’s second cycle ran from September 2014 to June 2015. Under this cycle, we expanded our efforts into four areas, specifically contemporary dance, choral singing, performing arts, and music. The project participants will include the children facing vulnerabilities from the Centre “Our Kids”, residents of the Dnipro and Darnytsia district of Kyiv.

Under the Second Cycle we realised in partnership with the Psychology Research Department of the Leadership Culture Research Laboratory at the Kyiv Borys Hrinchenko University and our Polish colleagues, developed and presented a methodological/psychological concept of personal development through arts for children and youths facing vulnerabilities, held motivation and goal setting training courses for children facing vulnerabilities, held end-of-term performances by the project participants in December 2014, June 2015 and in October 2015.

Subject matter

The performance is based on the illustrations of the children’s book “Sole Retrovato” by the Czech artist Štěpán Zavřel which we have selected together with our partners from Spazio Brazza in the Štěpán Zavřel Museum in Italy.

Extraordinary and beautiful planet Yalmez is looking forward to be discovered on the other side of the sun. It seems to be similar with Earth, but not fully. People do not overshadow their eyes with their hands in Yalmez, but see the world with widely open eyes and appreciate the magic of life.

A boy Andriyko lives on it. He looks like every boy on the Earth: hands, legs, head, good heart and many dreams. Andriyko lives in an ordinary happy family: mother, father and kids…

But one night something changed. Heavy darkness covered the planet Yalmez. Mom bored. Dad disappeared into the darkness. The house remained unsecured, and under cover of darkness uninvited guests – fears – entered the children’s room…

They say that the darkest time is before dawn. But dawn did not come.

Andriyko with friends, brother and sister go through the darkness for a long journey in search of the sun. They will find cave with its mysterious inhabitants.
Find sun, overcome fears, do not lose the dream, to open love and friendship in the heart – the task our heroes faced in their uncharted journey…