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E-learning Group Project

E-learning Group Project

The project purpose is to enhance the quality of higher education in Ukraine through the support of the implementation of multiple information and communication technologies (ITC) at local and national levels.

Project Description

The implementation of the ICT in higher education is a crucial part of reforms in the system of university education in Ukraine. During the last five years, a big number of Ukrainian universities started to use computer tools, in particular, for e-learning.

The problem of developing the e-learning system in universities became especially important since parts of Ukrainian territories were occupied. As consequence, 16 universities lost their main facilities – campuses and academic buildings were evacuated. Thousands of students moved from occupied territories as their universities did. However, a big part of students still remains in the so-called DPR, LPR and illegally occupied Crimea. They need the advanced system of e-learning to have a possibility to continue education in Ukrainian universities. At the same time, displaced universities need to develop their e-learning systems for efficient communication with students from occupied territories and work with students in terms of limiting conditions. The Taurida National Vernadsky University is the bright example of a displaced university that faces such problems.

Despite the fact that research on the progress of implementation of ICT in Ukrainian higher education is very important nowadays, the general and national-scale research on this topic has not been developed yet. The data about e-learning systems in Ukrainian universities has to be collected and analysed in one research. Transparency and accessibility of such information are important for students in choosing the best option for education. Also, the results of the research would be important for further development of policy recommendations for changes in Ukrainian university systems.

Announcement of the survey for lecturers and students of displaced universities

We have a pleasure to announce the launch of a survey of distance learning systems at displaced universities. As a part of the Democracy Study Centre programme in cooperation with the Centre for Coordination of Displaced Universities, this survey is aimed at assessment and improvement of the distance and blended learning practices in displaced universities and enhancement of Information and Communication Technologies implementation in the teaching process and academic affairs. We are welcoming students and lecturers of displaced universities to participate in the survey. Each and every opinion is valuable for us. Participants of the survey get a chance to win symbolic prizes. However, the most pleasant reward is a possibility to make Ukrainian education better!

The survey is available via the following links:
The questionnaire for lecturers –
The questionnaire for students –
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