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Mobile Youth Work

Help for children and teenagers in Kyiv and Ukraine is almost always provided by governmental organisations but their help and methods are not even close to be enough. Private organisations helping in the Ukrainian social system, like in Germnay normal, are not supported by the government and made way more complicated to impossible by law system.

The existing help structures from the state are insufficient developed and fail or not even try to prevent children to get into dire straits. Sustainable social pedagogical programs are mostly unknown and because of lack in qualifications and education not applicable.

The concept of the mobile youthwork is a new open minded programm with a different attitude towards young people in need. This concept was developed as a preventive guidance programm for young people focused on deprived areas in 1967 in Stuttgart (Germany). With support of the social welfare work it was worked up as a addition to the classic youth work but for the children which were not reached yet. Mobile Youthwork works with group or single case social pedagogic and social work. It reaches for a district or a derpived area and aims to stop or reverse the process of social exclusion. While doing so recources and the power of self-help are used to solve social problems of the commonwealth and reach sustainable solutions. Today in Germany there are 1.200 institutions of mobile youthwork spread over the whole country.

Our idea for the project in Kyiv is it, to bring flexible and modern help your young people exacly there, where the Ukrainian Government is stretched to its limits. Supported by the Aktion Mensch we build together with the Intenational Society for Mobile Youth Work – ISMO e.V., the German-Polish-Ukrainian Society in Ukraine and the Centre for Children in Need “Our Kids” a pilot project in the Dnipro district of Kyiv. Together with the Institute for Youth and Family Politics of the Ministry for Youth and Sports as well as the Dragomanov University Kyiv we analyse the social situation of the youth in this district until early spring of 2016. In multiple practically relevant trainings we teached employees of public administrative bodies, NGOs, police and courts importand knowledge and networked all relevant places within each other. For later we plan to establish a first ukrainian mobile youwork project indepandently operated by the Centre “Our Kids”as well as an Institute for Mobile Youthwork in the European-Ukrainian Youth Policy Centre in Kyiv.

Our stated aim is it, to teach intenational succesfully used know-how from Germnay, enfold impact far beyond Dnipro dictrict and long on long term to found new better standards to support and help children in the whole country. Support us to reach those goals.