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The fourth working meeting of the DSC 2019-2020 academic year

The fourth DSC session took place on January 25-26, 2020. The main topic of that working session was Women in Focus.  We had two inspiring lectures about Poland’s international experience of developing the digest for companies explaining how to create women-friendly workspace. The session was full of practical work and insights on strategic management and marketing provided by our experts. Students aimed at making a career in research had a chance to participate in a workshop covering a useful topic of how to pursue MA/PhD studies in Germany. In addition, the DSC scholars presented their projects to the DSC experts.

Dr. Niclas Rüffer
Dr. Marek Gnusowski

The first day started with the fourth lecture of the Core business course – Strategic Management, delivered by Dr. Niclas Rüffer, Senior Fellow of the DSC 2019-2020. The lecture was full of interesting discussions with scholars about the importance of strategy and understanding the mission of the project they work on.

Dr. Marek Gnusowski, Assistant Professor at the Poznan University of Economics and Business, conducted a workshop on marketing, its role in democracy and the way marketing can contribute to the democracy development. He shared his own experience and gave practical advice on brand development.

Dr. Gisela Zimmermann
Aleksandra Karasinska

For those aimed at making a career in research, Dr. Gisela Zimmermann, Director of the Kyiv Office of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), made a presentation about research opportunities and funding in Germany. Dr. Zimmermann talked about different DAAD programs and potential academic career opportunities in Germany.

Aleksandra Karasinska, Editor-in-Chief of and, Lead Editor of Forbes Women, delivered the following lectures:

  • Case study: Forbes Women Polska. Why publish business magazine focused on women. The Forbes Women Polska is a bimonthly magazine. Its mission is to be a source of inspiration and support, to connect and empower women, help them to realize their potential and reach new heights.
  • Margarete Vestager versus Sheryl Sandberg. Battle over future of internet and female leaders roles in it.  How to regulate tech platforms in data based economy.
Eva Kaucz
Dr. Rafał Dutkiewicz

On the second day of the fourth working session, Dr. Rafał Dutkiewicz, the DSC Senior Fellow, and his colleague Eva Kaucz, CEO of the Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency (ARAW), delivered very inspiring lecture: Job creation – better jobs – knowledge-based economy. They shared their own experience of creating new jobs and making workspace friendlier for women.

A workshop on Project Management was held by Dr. Iryna Chernysh, the DSC Project Manager. The workshop was full of practical work and insights that would support the scholars in their projects.

The DSC scholars have been working on their group projects since the beginning of the current DSC academic year. In December, the scholars submitted their project proposals. On Sunday, January 26, they presented their projects to the DSC Committee. The DSC Committee members included Dr. Iryna Chernysh, the DSC Project Manager, Dr. Niclas Rüffer, the DSC Senior Fellow, and Dr. Rafał Dutkiewicz, the DSC Senior Fellow.

The following five projects have made the list of the DSC 2019-2020 group projects:

  1. The women in focus – non-for-profit group is going to provide middle-aged women in Ukraine and Armenia with training in order to improve both their professional skills and skills of doing business. The main objective is to help unemployed women in Ukraine to gain new skills and to mobilize them.
  2. The women in focus – research group is going to provide research on the subject: “Women empowerment in Ukraine and Belarus: shifting barriers in career development”. The key objective is to identify the main problems faced by women in their career development.
  3. The business – non-for-profit group is going to provide students, young professionals and the unemployed in Ukraine with training on Entrepreneurship and Investments in order to improve their knowledge of financial and legal foundations for doing business in Ukraine. The main objective is to enhance entrepreneurship culture in Ukraine.
  4. The business – research group is going to provide research on the subject: “Changes in the business climate for women in business after Association Agreements (AA) in Ukraine and Moldova”. The main objective is to analyze AA relevant materials and make recommendations for governmental institutions and NGOs.
  5. The business – start-up group is going to provide pieces of training aimed at promoting the idea of using alternative energy sources and show Business Opportunities in the Solar Industry in Ukraine. The main objective is to heighten interest in environmental issues refusing to deal with the enterprises that have harmful environmental impact.

That is all news from the fourth working session of the DSC. We wish you a warm winter and we will keep you updated!