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The seventh working meeting of the DSC 2019-2020 academic year

The seventh DSC session took place on April 4-5, 2020. Because of the corona virus quarantine, the April working session was organized in an online format.  On April 4, we had online lectures for the DSC scholars. Our speakers prepared self-learning materials and presentations.  On April 5, the work in DSC groups was organized via Skype. Consultations for the scholars were provided by Dr. Niclas Rüffer, the DSC Senior Fellow, and Dr. Iryna Chernysh, the DSC Project Manager.

The first online lecture was conducted by Dr. Niclas Rüffer, Senior Fellow of the DSC 2019-2020. He delivered a lecture on Strategic Management which was followed by an interactive discussion.

Dr. Jan Klaus Tänzler, Research Fellow at Mannheim University and business advisor who is specialised in Family business, held online-lecture on Entrepreneurship and Innovations.

Prof. Dr. Čedo Maksimovic, Professor at Imperial College London, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering conducted the lecture on the topic “Blue Green Solutions. A Systems Approach to Sustainable, Resilient and Cost-Efficient Urban Development”.

Prof. Jerzy M Langer, Professor of Physics, specialising in physics of defects, junctions and recombination processes in solids, prepared self-learning materials for students on Research & Development and innovation principles the role of public intervention.

Prof. Dr. Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Professor of Earth Sciences, delivered the self-learning materials on the topic of temperature and precipitation changing, its impacts in regions and sectors/systems and projections of climate change.

Dr. Katarzyna Pala, co-founder and CEO of Fish Farm Solutions, prepared materials about the SensDX – digital diagnostic platforms for influenza virus detection and how the development of a single company can create and influence the innovative ecosystem.

Tomasz Gondek, co-founder and CEO of highly innovative startup company SensDx, produced a video and presentation for the DSC scholars about Poland triple jump in science and technology, Wroclaw as a science and technology hub, reviewed the achievements and challenges of the SensDx’s products.

On April 5th, every group had Skype conference with Dr.  Niclas Rüffer, the DSC Senior Fellow, and Dr. Iryna Chernysh, the DSC Project Manager. Groups discussed the progress of their projects and challenges they faced.

From 27 to 29 of April every group used an on-line opportunity to present the interim results of their projects during Skype conference with Dr.  Niclas Rüffer, the DSC Senior Fellow.

That is all news from the seventh working session of the DSC. We wish you to stay safe and healthy and we will keep you updated!