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The sixth working meeting of the DSC 2019-2020 academic year

Because of the coronavirus quarantine in Ukraine, we had to change the format of the sixth DSC session in the framework of the project. The March working session was arranged in an online environment. The DSC lecturers prepared materials and presentations for the scholars’ self-learning. On March 29, the DSC groups were consulted by Dr. Niclas Rüffer, the DSC Senior Fellow, and Dr. Iryna Chernysh, the DSC Project Manager, via Skype to summarize progress and challenges of the group projects.

Dr. Niclas Rüffer, Senior Fellow of the DSC 2019-2020, prepared some materials on the stakeholder analysis within the Strategic Management course.

Throughout March 2020, the DSC 2019-2020 scholars were working on short essays on their personal impressions concerning the development of world civilization in the 21st century, – a task from Dr. Rafał Dutkiewicz, Senior Fellow of the DSC 2019-2020.

On March 29, every DSC group had a Skype meeting with Dr. Niclas Rüffer, the DSC Senior Fellow, and Dr. Iryna Chernysh, the DSC Project Manager, to summarize progress and challenges of the group projects.

The DSC Group working on the project “Business/Research” made the analysis of the importance of the Association Agreement, which gave clarity to the relevance of research. The group also analyzed the following studies: Women in Business and Management: Gaining Momentum/ International Labour Office. Geneva: ILO, 2015; World Bank. 2020. Women, Business and the Law 2020. Women, Business and the Law. Washington, DC: World Bank; and Gender Analysis of the EU AA/DCFTAs with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Based on those, researchers have summarized the situation with women’s economic participation both in Ukraine and Moldova, and initially expected effects of the Association over the state of women‘s opportunities. In March, the group conducted 2 interviews in Ukraine and 2 in Moldova, as well as contacted potential respondents for future interviews.

Group working on the project “Women in Focus/Research” analyzed the problem of gender equality in Ukraine and Belarus through the prism of women’s representation in administrative professions. Besides, the scholars of the group collected statistics and conducted interviews to make a systemic analysis of gender inequalities in school-to-work transition in Ukraine. Within the scope of our scholars’ research, the correlation between gender balance in new economic conditions and pandemic consequences overcoming was investigated. It was found that global challenge named COVID-19 affected all spheres of economic and social life through the factors of decline in trade operations, decrease in demand for tourism services and global interruption of value chains, particularly in the manufacturing (such as spare parts and pharmaceuticals). Two project applications were prepared and submitted for review by donors. Both projects are aimed at the development of gender budgeting in Belarus under the expertise of Ukrainian experts (DSC’s project participants).

The DSC Group working on the project “Business / Non-for-Profit” has invited all speakers to cover themes of the online-training (the title is: “Власна справа: від ідеї до дії”). The group members found 6 lecturers and 3 entrepreneurs who would tell their success-stories. In the framework of the project, a Facebook-page was created announcing a Facebook-event of the future on-line training. Now they are trying to establish partnership with resources to promote the event. The training starts on April 15. The group expects that at least 30 participants will be involved.

The DSC Group working on the project “Women in Focus/Non-for-Profit” decided to hold online webinars for the target group – young women aged 18-22. For this purpose, the scholars investigated zoom tools and negotiated the topic of the webinars “Educational and career opportunities”. By focusing on this topic, the group has set an objective to equip young ladies with the knowledge and skills which will contribute to their more active engagement in social life and enhance their potential. The scholars decided to make a survey to find out which topics are more relevant to our followers. The survey has been published today. They also prepared a Facebook content to raise the target group’s awareness of gender issues and for motivating them. This content is also shared on Instagram.

The DSC Group working on the project “Business/Commercial” created a Facebook page and prepared the content for it –
“Solar Energy. Challenges and Opportunities”, to raise the target groups’ awareness of solar energy issues. Throughout March, the group worked on Website that could be a platform for organizations and people engaged in the solar panel business and the people who want to install solar panels. The DSC scholars working on the project have prepared short articles about solar energy, where everyone can find core information about how to choose the panels as well as some useful facts on technical and legal issues. In future, some short virus-videos will be created in order to help people who are interested in installing the panels. The scholars hope the videos will attract more people and promote the development of the solar energy in Ukraine.

That is all news from the sixth working session of the DSC. We wish you to stay safe and healthy, and we will keep you updated!