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The third international seminar on “Mobile work with community”

On 9-11 June, “Our Kids” hosted the 3rd International Seminar on “Mobile youth work” organized and conducted by Structural Subdivision of the German-Polish-Ukrainian Society in Ukraine with the financial support of the German organization “Aktion Mensch”.

The seminar engaged local and foreign experts in the field of protection of children and youths, as well as social workers and representatives of NGOs. As the leading experts Prof. Dr. Walther Specht, Natascha Zöller, and Stephan Schlenker, from the International Society for Mobile Youth Work (ISMO) were invited.

The seminar is a part of German-Ukrainian Project “Mobile youth work”, which aims at conducting in-depth analysis of the basic needs of children, youth and families facing vulnerabilities, in individual pilot district of Kyiv – Dniprovskyy district to create a model of social work within the district, city, region and state which would be unique for Ukraine.